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Welcome in Loire Department
Loire is a large industrial territory in the heart of two regions : Massif Central and Rhone-Alpes region.

With a strong economic area and 21 000 companies, this territory has many advantages and offers to the visitors many touristic sites, economic poles and a large variety of activities.

With a rich history and looking to the future, Loire department offers a network of skills and a large expertise with key technologies and many world leaders.

Perfectly locates, Loire also proposes living conditions where cities are borded with nature and wich cultural heritage and the choice of typical sportive and cultural activities.


Discover Loire…

Agence de Développement et de réservation Touristique Loire
22, rue Balaÿ
42021 Saint Etienne Cedex 1
Tel : 04 77 43 59 17
Conseil général   Saint-Etienne Tourism
16 avenue de la Libération
42000 Saint Etienne
Tel : 04 77 49 39 00
Loire Forez
21 place de l’hôtel de ville
42450 Sury le Comtal
Tél. : 04 77 50 51 30
 Loire Forez   Pays de Saint-Galmier
Boulevard Gabriel Cousin
42330 St Galmier
Tél : 04 77 54 06 08
Pays de St-Galmier 
Maison du Pilat
Maison du Parc
Moulin de Virieu
2, rue Benaÿ - BP 57
42410 Pélussin
Tél. 04 74 87 52 00


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